Slices Of 3D Models: Almost Looks like Art

Saturday, October 29, 2016

During my time interning at Autodesk (formerly Delcam) in 2014, I spent some time making a feature that sliced 3D models. These slices could be turned into pretty much anything: SVGs, PNGs, special vector formats for CAD, even more 3D models.

To test the feature's performance, I sliced various complicated 3D models. Some of the results were pretty beautiful.

Below are a collection of SVGs and PNGs that I saved from that time. I played around with heightmapping the SVGs with color,

The black and white PNGs are a single slice of the image, whereas the colorful SVGs contain each slice from the model, with the color of the lines representing the distance from the observer.



Flower Closeup